Rachel Lane


Based in Sherwood Forest.
Nartural artistic influences.
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Rachel Lane

The natural world and its complex inter-relationships are my source of infinite inspiration and fascination.

The artwork I create generally begins its journey as a directly observed phenomenon, something that has caught my attention and snagged my curiosity. The initial sketches and notes I make right there and then are an essential part of my process as it is within these that I capture the essence of what it is that I want to explore, and use them as my starting point in my explorations.

I love this intuitive, organic way of working, it allows the work itself to lead me deeper, and having no preconceived intention or outcome it keeps me free to fully explore the idea in any direction, medium or form that feels right.

The nature of such an open, eclectic way of working is always exciting and constantly challenging. The resultant work is as much a record of the journey I take as I follow an idea, a thought or an experience, as it is a complete piece of art within itself.